"In Malice, Quite Close is a novel of such depth and artistry, it deserves to be slowly and carefully read..."  "...should be taught in a 400-level creative writing class call "How to Write Your Arse off in Your First Chapter." “I have never before read a book that was so profoundly disturbing and simultaneously enthralling as In Malice, Quite Close…  "The tension and suspense evoked in this novel is unparalleled..."  "...absolutely delivers on the promise of its title in elegance, perversity, and decadent suspense." “From the first line unfolded an intriguing, haunting tale, full of mystery and nuance…” “Outright spine-chilling…” “An intoxicating mystery… full of elegiac eroticism, decadence, forgeries and fakes.” “…tons of laundry to do, but I ended up on the couch where I read through the first 43 pages like THAT!” “An amazing story of beauty, truth, certainty, and identity…” “I was hooked and loved every moment of it from beginning to end!” “It's a knockout home-run…” One of the most promising new writers of the season... “…simply breathtaking and heartbreaking and oh so delicious. Highly recommended.”  "...written almost like a dance... This is definitely a book to savor slowly." “Intriguing and unsettling…” "...gets into your head and lingers there..." “Everyone has a dark secret and you only want to know more with each turn of the page…” “Brandi Lynn Ryder has created a compelling book, full of memorable characters and a plotline that has the reader turning the pages…”