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The Author Brandi Lynn Ryder was born in a small town in California's Gold Country and raised on a steady diet of stories, from the local lore to Dickens and Poe. She began writing poetry at the age of four and completed her first novel at nine: a mystery à la the Hardy Boys, called Treasure under the Nile (typed on her mother’s Smith-Corona and bound in cardboard and construction paper). Her adult writing is influenced by her many passions: art, philosophy, travel, literature, classic movies and all things European. She makes her home in Napa Valley, drawing inspiration from the stunning landscape, gourmet cuisine, the local beverage and her beloved cat, Murphy. In Malice, Quite Close is Brandi Lynn Ryder’s first novel. It was a finalist for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel of the Year Award. She’s currently at work
on a loose sequel, entitled Like a Guilty Thing, which takes readers back to Devon and concerns Robin Dresden's elite group of students. The novel takes us deeper into Robin’s sensual world of art and illusion, in which the potent philosophies he advocates have deadly consequences. Picking up from themes explored in In Malice, it is a harrowing mystery that journeys into the nature of truth and the consequences of the secrets we keep. Welcome to Devon and thank you for becoming part of the world of my novels... I’d love to hear from you!